In 2012 I had a furniture store and in this sector the sale is done through paper catalogs of products and a catalog of finishes, so you need to trust your instinct to make a purchase because it is really difficult to buy some products without understanding how this product looks like with some different combinations of finishes, so I decided created an APP that later becomes a 3D Immersion Company "i9c" focused on the furniture to help with the purchase decision.




CLIENTS: Estobel, São Carlos, Colibri, Tcil, Vivar, MO Design, Novolar, Orbhes, FA Móveis, DJ Móveis, Metalnox, Gottens, DAF, Tecline, Dall Móveis, Artisan, Conforflex, Vila Nobre, Vamol
MY ROLE: Co-Founder, Commercial Manager
3D MODELERS: Artur Cunha, Lucas Bender, Ricardo Vilela